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It was Oct. 21, 1967, when Angelo Ingrao, Giuseppe and Nino Glorioso opened the Charleston restaurant on Via Magliocco in the historic center of Palermo, back when haute cuisine did not yet exist in the south, destined to become the temple of Palermo’s signature cuisine and to win two Michelin stars, the first in Sicily and southern Italy.

Since his arrival, Chef Gaetano Verde, with the support of his team made up of 15 people including Sous Chef Claudio Terranova, has brought a significant transformation to the Charleston’s gastronomic proposition. It is an ‘instinctual’ cuisine, as he defines it, not one based on ‘memories’ or nostalgia, he points out, but rather an experimental, creative cuisine capable of stimulating the senses. It is a cuisine that brings with it the freshness of new thoughts and the energy of a young chef, with his French education and his desire to mark a new course in the path of flavour.

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