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Chic Nonna

In April 2022 Florence was enriched with a new enogastronomic proposal, inside one of the city’s most beautiful buildings, Palazzo Portinari Salviati; leading the kitchen is Michelin Star chef Vito Mollica, a signature of absolute importance on the international scene. The historic palace on Via del Corso opens its doors once again with a project that occupies the two courtyards of great artistic value inside and that takes place in three distinct areas: Chic Nonna di Vito Mollica, Salotto Portinari Bar & Bistrot and Sala Beatrice.

The project has been developed by Mine & Yours Group, a firm specialising in luxury hospitality, and its main players are Stefano Cuoco, Managing Director, and Vito Mollica, Director of Culinary.

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