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Giardini del Fuenti

The renovation project of the area, once an enchanted spot where citrus fruits, grapes and olives were cultivated and which later became a stone quarry, altering the morphology of the entire promontory, saw the creation of several new themed gardens that aim to give back to nature what man had taken from it, by capitalising on the cavity created in the underbelly of the cliff.

Halfway between Vietri and Cetara, Giardini del Fuenti is a dazzling pearl set in the radiant beauty of the Amalfi Coast. The structure overlooks the Mediterranean and offers its guests an authentic and refined interpretation of the bon vivre across a number of different outlets:

-The Volta del Fuenti gourmet restaurant opened in 2022 embodies and expresses the history and culture of the region through dishes that cherish seasonality, provenance and quality of the raw materials.

-The Garden – an ideal venue for weddings and events.

-The Lemon Grove is the perfect venue for intimate private dinners and open-air aperitifs.

-The Fuenti Arena is a multifunctional space with 400 seats for shows, events and parades.

-The Caveaux is the new Lounge Club open all year round.

-Riva del Fuenti is the exclusive beach club with an adjoining gourmet restaurant. Hospitality services include customised on-board catering for yachts and boats, which dock in the roadstead.

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