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La Mela

One soul and three bodies, is what best represents the architectural choice by which the new Neapolitan Eden Garden are developed.

Descending from the staircase, via the light-filled Via dei Mille From, a red room, the colour that best depicts the passion of the human soul, envelops its guests. From the red and black zebra-striped partitions to the velvet fabrics of the armchairs and sofas, everything recalls the warm and comfortable atmosphere of a contemporary European members club. Tucked away between the two main rooms is the private room, secluded from prying eyes with sliding doors, featuring a private bar for exclusive use.

After more than half a century, La Mela stands, changing its skin and soul, but remaining a place of indulgence. Today, La Mela is a hybrid for connoisseurs, embodying a concept dedicated to taste and widespread enjoyment. La Mela offers low seating and sharing platters at all hours (from 7pm to 3am) with live music, a set dinner, aperitifs shared with the sound of piano, or after dinner events with DJ sets and signature drinks.

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