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Palazzo Talìa

A time ago, this is where Talìa, the muse of comedy, hovered, light, elegant, ironic, polite. Today she has returned to stage the art of hospitality, in Rome, in the heart of authenticity, amidst baroque splendour and energetic souls. It is a promise of magic and an unforgettable experience.

With impressive, careful and delightful renovation works, the building has been given a new life. The architectural magnificence of the historic spaces provides the perfect backdrop for the new Palazzo Talìa hotel.

The place aims to combine the intimacy of an open and hospitable home with the grandeur of a venue so rich in history.

This is why the monumental spaces have been transformed into stage sets imagined by Studio Luca Guadagnino. The rooms, refined and elegant, have been designed and carefully planned down to the last detail by the interior design studio of Mia Home Design Gallery and Laura Feroldi Studio. Fine materials and craftsmanship of the finest Italian craftsmanship blend with eclectic contaminations of international designers.

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