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Santa Maria La Nave

The history of Santa Maria La Nave dates back to 1954, with nonno Giuseppe Mulone, who having mood to Catania and fascinated by the fertility of the volcanic land, decided to devote himself to winemaking with artisanal and natural methods typical of Etna tradition. That same passion, respect, care and love have been passed down from one generation to the next. This is the soul of the Santa Maria La Nave project: the passing of the baton between old and new generations. Nowadays they tend only native vines from which they produce exclusively Cru from “heroic vineyards” , the offspring of extreme viticulture practiced in soils located on steep slopes of ancient extinct craters. Despite modern and high-performance winemaking methods, the care of the vineyards re-mains exactly the same as it was centuries ago. The harvesting of the grapes, as it once was, is manual and conducted with the utmost delicacy, respecting each grape, with the same hu-mility and passion as previously.

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