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Ps Ristorante

PS Ristorante was founded in 2010 by Stefano Pinciaroli and Lorenzo Caponi with the aim of creating a local network of micro businesses, collaborating with close farms and purveyors to source raw materials to offer a food and wine experience strongly connected to the territory.

In July 2020, thanks to the meeting with Héctor Cuadra and Daniele Nannetti, the restaurant moved and expanded, finding its new ” house” in Villa Petriolo.
PS Ristorante wants to offer a unique food and wine experience strongly connected to the area, benefitting of locally sourced ingredients and revisiting traditional cuisine with expertise and avant-garde. In 2021 PS Ristorante was also recognized by Gambero Rosso with “Two Forks” in the Guide to the Restaurants of Italy 2022 and in the MICHELIN Guide 2022 with the Green Star – an increasingly important sustainability award, thanks to the constant research for raw materials and the use of KM0 products, in line with PS’s Green philosophy.

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